Peintre, né le 1er décembre 1980 à Cologne.


« Born in the 80’s on a military base in Germany, Mr.X lived those years through the looking glass of a black and white TV screen. The banking crisis in 2008 and the loss of his job would pave the way to a radical career change. With this new path comes the discovery of colours. At the beginning, urban influences brought spray cans at the very core of his creations. Nowadays, those same spray cans are only a medium and nature is now the main subject. Animals and plants are set up in order to shed a light over our place in this strange house of cards that is the food chain, give a new perspective, encourage reflection. Self-taught artist, he constantly explores new creative ways, retrieves what surrounds him and brings it back to life. At ease on big walls as on small objects he customizes, Mr.X takes part in international festivals, live paintings and even curates artistic events or organizes workshops for a young audience. »

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